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Quality Objectives

Quality Objectives

Aim for academic excellence, competing with our own previous performance by raising the standards periodically through evaluations and analyzing of results and settings bench marks of higher achievements.


Use Digital Teaching Methodology to impart quality education in a multi-cultural environment.


To create dynamic youngsters who are confident, courageous, committed with conviction and character by conducting extra curricular activities, workshops and training sessions on personality development, stress management, time management, effective communication skills, social etiquettes and human values.


Teachers training workshop to provide opportunities for professional and academic enhancement to its staff through various programs on personal effectiveness and leadership skills, training them to accept challenges in other administrative operations to prepare progressive rungs of leadership by giving one hour training to teachers on Saturdays by experts from the Industry.


Introduction of Abacus and Vedic maths so as to train the students to be proficient in Mental Maths from STD I to VIII.

Introduction of Rapid Reading Club in association with Scholastic India so as enhance English speaking skills of our students.


Introduction of Phonetics in the Pre-primary section, so that the students are proficient in reading and speaking skills.


To provide with a protective and stress free environment where students are trained to develop creative, critical and analytical skills with a research attitude by conducting debate, extempore and elocution, quiz competitions, projects, field trips, excursion visits, overnight camps and inter-school competitions.


To create and maintain aesthetic and hygienic infra structural facilities which cater to the needs of its students and staff by ensuring cleanliness of the corridors, classrooms, cleaning of dustbins and toilets systematically.